Performance Tuning

Users falling asleep waiting for query results?
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The success of an application does not depend only on it’s ability to fulfill the functional requirements. A successful application is one that also performs well and maintains the performance levels as amounts of data increase over time. Businesses sometimes are caught between the proverbial devil and the deep sea when a critical application exhibits diminishing performance as it processes increasing amounts of data. Because of the large amounts of data stored and business logic coded in the application, it becomes next to impossible to discard of replace the application.

appSemantics can help you bring your application performance back on track

Using our proprietary methodology, our Oracle experts can perform an extensive evaluation of your application including application code, application design, database configuration and all other factors in the application ecosystem that affect its performance. Once the bottlenecks are identified, we will provide a comprehensive report suggesting changes in your application and improve performance. We can also make the changes for you so that the application meets the pre-defined performance goals.

With our performance tuning services, you get

  • Comprehensive evaluation of application code
  • Comprehensive evaluation of database configuration
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Action plan with corrective actions
  • Rewriting application code
  • Application re-engineering