Custom Development

An application as unique as your business

Packaged applications are designed to meet the requirements of a broad range of customers. As a result, packaged applications provide the “common denominator” of features and business requirements for its target audience. Customers may find that a packaged software is either missing certain critical features specific to their business or is loaded with unnecessary additional features. Custom application development provides the best of both worlds by delivering the exact functionality required for the business without the unnecessary features that usually come along with packaged applications

Building a successful custom application requires meticulous planning in terms of technology, resource allocation and budget. At appSemantics, we have what it takes to design, develop and deploy custom applications. We bring to the table, vast experience with analysis and application design and unparalleled Oracle development skills.

We strongly believe that user involvement is an essential and non-negotiable aspect of custom application development process. We use industry best design and development practices while ensuring customer involvement at every step of the development lifecycle

We have developed custom applications for several customers using both Waterfall and Iterative methodologies. When you partner with us for your custom application development, you get a product that not only delivers the right business functionality, but is also scalable. Just give us your requirements and we will take it from there

appSemantics’ custom application development services includes

  • Comprehensive analysis of business requirements
  • Logical and physical design specifications
  • Application development
  • Unit and User acceptance testing
  • Production deployment
  • Detailed documentation
  • Client training
  • Ongoing enhancements and maintenance